Instructiuni de intretinere

Terarii cu plante suculente si cactusi

Intretinerea…Primul lucru, neglijati-va terariul! Este bine de stiut ca plantele suculente si cactusii prospera prin neglijare!! Udati-l putin numai dupa ce pamantul s-a uscat, odata la 2-3 saptamani, in functie si de conditiile de mediu. Sticla ne da sansa de a observa acest aspect foarte important !

NEVER OVERWATER! The key is to watch your terrarium closely until you understand it’s drying pattern. Too much watering can be worse for the plants than too little. Place in a bright area; some direct sunlight is fine. You should have enough light to read by. When the plants get as big as you want, pinch off the newest growth to encourage bushier growth. Water at the base of the plant and not the leaves because they can easily rot.

Avoid fertilizer. As the nutrients get used up the plant’s growth will slow down, helping to keep them under control.


Lumina…Bright light, with direct sun.

Pont ! When watering your terrarium use a turkey baster or eye dropper to control the amount of water and not disturb the landscape.

Apa…The amount of water varies depending on the size of succulent or cactus. Please contact us for specific amounts based on your plant’s size.